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Windows 10 Creators Update
Creators Update for Windows 10 currently has very slow text rendering, around 40 times slower than previous Windows versions. This makes song changes slow, up to 5 seconds when using shadow and outline font effects. I would not recommend 'upgrading' to Creators Update until this issue is fixed.


Re: mp3 files

Currently you can only play audio files in preview mode. CDs can be used as background music etc. This will be addressed in the next release.

Posted on: 4/17 9:09

mp3 files
I have Songview installed on several windows 7 machines and are unable to play mp3 files on any of them.


Version 4.509

The Restore from backups dialog now has a button to select a song directory other than the default.

Preview windows for slides with mp4 and mov video backgrounds now show a still of the background.

Posted on: 3/29 16:31

Version 4.508

Minor Improvements
Now works with ppsx PowerPoint files
Playlist height is automatically adjusted to suit window height on startup
All added font styles (bold, underline and italic) can be cleared for whole file from Preferences/Appearance dialog
Bible text can be centred separately from song slide text
Dated backup files are created on saving a file. They can be restored from a dialog on the file menu. Up to 10 backups are stored, one for each of the last 10 days that the software was used.

Bug Fixes
Changing a presentation from a song with a video background to a slideshow now works.
Improved internet connection checking
'Setup' mode is now enabled on startup
File/ Reload Backgrounds label fixed on file menu
Outline text is drawn after shadow where both are present
Bug in outline text positioning
Longer wait time for PowerPoint viewer to start before failing.

Posted on: 3/25 18:18

Brandon S
Modernization of Songview
Guest_Brandon S
I would start off by saying that I love using this software. It is truly a blessing. I have using this for my church every service and any event that I am responsible for managing the visual media. I prefer using this software compare to other software. I actually referred this software to many other people and churches.

There are some improvements I like to suggest though to make the experience better and enhance the capabilities:

1. It suggest modernizing the design of Songview to a clean, slick appealing design. i.g. gray and black like ProTools or LogicX software. In this modernization, I would like to be able to customize the layout and positions of items on the screen to make it easier to navigate.

2. It would be great to automatically have different versions of the Bible in the drop down menu, especially from the 'YouVersion' Bible app, which has over 50 versions of the Bible.

3. I would like to see a live preview display before I air a slide on the output screen

4. I would also I like to see an expansion of screens so I use a multi-screen display. I would like to put different items on different output screens.

5. To fix the issue with the capture mode under Multimedia tab. Whenever I do a live capture, all of the slides turns to white on the computer screen

6. an improved playlist that incorporates the ability to timers and subdivide playlist to categories.

7. volume control with a simple equalizer for the multimedia that is run on the software.

I am looking forward to see these improvements and much more. Great job with the software! I would love to hear back from you.


Re: versão da biblia

Brazilian bibles are now included with the Portuguese bibles file.

Posted on: 12/30 17:08

versão da biblia
gostaria que tivesse a bíblia com a língua portuguesa brasil
e como incluir no programa??
a paz de Cristo!!!


Re: Song Select has changed

Version 4.507 supports the new Songslect website.

Posted on: 2016/8/6 14:53

Version 4.507

Supports the new Songselect website. Edit preferences can be configured to use either the new site (default) or the old site.

Posted on: 2016/8/6 14:51

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