Dual Display with HDMI
I am working with windows 7.

I cannot get Songview to utilize the dual display mode using the HDMI for display.

My computer does display dual screens in this mode.

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Re: Dual Display with HDMI

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Sorry about the problem with Songview. HDMI output should be no different to a normal dual monitor setup because any difference is a function of the hardware rather than the software.

Three things to check.

The display needs to be extended to the second monitor rather than duplicated. Check that you can move the mouse pointer from one monitor to the other i.e. the second display is an extension of the first display screen.

Songview checks for the monitors on startup. So start Songview when both displays are active.

Check in the Display tab on the Preferences dialog in Songview and ensure that 'Use Dual Display' is checked.

Posted on: 2013/7/17 15:48
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Re: Dual Display with HDMI
When using the HDMI and I go to the Songview preferences, in the display tab I am UNABLE to check the "use dual display" box.

If I revert back to using the VGA connection then I am able to check the "use dual display" box.

Everything works correctly using Dual Display when connected using the VGA connection.

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Re: Dual Display with HDMI
I found the problem, I had to setup the dual display BEFORE I started my Songview problem.

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