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is it possible to have stage monitor with black back ground white text and main screen have picture or motion background?

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Re: Stage monitor

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Thanks for your query re Songview. You can do what you ask under some circumstances.

Currently the stage monitor picks up the colour from the song slides and cannot be changed independently.

The way to do what you want is to go into the Setup/Appearances tab and set the default background colour to black and the font colour to white. Then go to the chords tab, if you use those, and set the font colour to white.

The normal output screen will now be white on black. If you now go into the setup mode and use a picture background, you will get the result you want with the limitation that the text must be white. You can always add a black outline to the text (using Setup/Text) if the text is hard to see on your background.

I notice that I have not enabled the third monitor mode with video backgrounds.

I will enable this and also give you the option of choosing separate text and background colours for the stage monitor in the next version; this will probably not be until September.

Posted on: 2014/7/28 14:54
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